[VIDEO] Making the world a better place, one map at a time!

Today there has been a video released made by VoxWeb, this is the independent magazine of the Radboud University, the University Gosse is a student at. His story behind this video:

For me my studies are my hobby and a opportunity to move my mind away from being that athlete everybody assumes me to be. But because I can’t attent as much as the other students my study is for a big part a solo project with the help of some people from the Radboud. I hope to become a cartographer one day but mainly to make this world a better place. The spirit to become the best as I can be as an athlete isn’t something I have as a cartographer. For me it is not necessarily to become the best cartographer or to make the prettiest maps on the world. For me the most important thing is that my maps and specially my knowledge of them can have an impact in places where there is a lack of knowledge.

The last three years I have been given the opportunity to become an assistant teacher and to help new students with their first steps in making maps. This has triggered my interest in teaching, sharing knowledge and learning others a valuable skill. I never thought about quitting academic studies just because a career as a professional athlete would be possible.

Being able to travel the world and connecting with so many people all with different backgrounds has opened up so many opportunities for me. At the university I learn textbook knowledge, but anywhere my bike brings me I learn from new people. Combining a career as a professional athlete travelling all over the world with studying about this same world makes me a very rich person. Cycling won’t make me rich and neither will mapping or teaching mapping do.  As the video also says, I am the happiest person alive! I am happy because I am rich, rich with knowledge, experience and great connections all over the world.

Thanks for reading and watching.

Greetings Gosse

P.S. The video is only three minutes but with the amount of footage we there could have been a complete 1.5hour video been made. Have a look and let me and Voxweb know what you think of the video!

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