World Cup Namur: 35th

Gosse returned to the place where he was injured last year: the World Cup of Namur. Today Gosse stayed out of trouble and finished in 35th place.

At the beginning of this season Gosse looked back on the last year`s World Cup of Namur. Today he was back at the start line of this World Cup, together with 70 other riders! In the first laps it wasn`t easy to move up, but Gosse maintained calm and tried to be patience in order to gain some places.  “In the first lap there were 4 crashes which I had to avoid before I reached the post for the first time. I took less risks in order to stay on the bike and reach the finish in one piece”, Gosse told after the race.

Mathieu van der Poel took the victory once again. Gosse finished in 35th place.