The Story

Who is Gosse? What drives him? And what are his goals? He introduces himself to you, read his story:

Since my 17th I am riding bikes as a contracted rider. During that period I’ve achieved a lot, laughed more but also experienced some dark sides of professional sports.

The first years of my career I’ve had a contract as a cyclocross rider in a mountainbike team, the last years I was contracted as a cyclocross rider for a road team. Every team had his pro’s and his con’s. But in the end, during all that years I was the entire winter a lot of times alone on the road to the cyclocross races. Racing cross is in the end kind of an individual sport.

I believe in a personal approach to get to the best results possible. Every human is different and especially when it comes to sports, there is not one way to the top. There is no book that says, if you do this, this, this, this and that you will become the best. There is one thing that is for sure you need to to and that is: working really hard!

The biggest reason for me is why I started my own racing team is that I think I can come to my best achievements if I surround myself with people who share my visions. For that I am also really happy that I’ve found so many people who support me in any possible way they can do. The companies persons involved all share the same passion for racing bikes and adventure.

This racing team is much more than only racing, therefore I call it a project, and my races are adventures. Over the years of international bikeracing I’ve seen a lot from our planet, I’ve met a lot of nice people and made memories that will last forever. With my website I will not only share my racing results with the world but even more my experiences. In the end we all like to ride our bikes, during a race everyone will suffer and in the end one is just faster then another. I hope I can inspire people to race with a smile, because then you’ve won your personal race already before it even started.

Hope you have a nice time on my website.

And don’t forget to smile during the ride!




Who would’ve ever thought that my career as a bike rider would open up the possibility to play on stage in China…

I guess I am trying to get the most out of my career!