Steinmaur: bad luck ruins chances

It was Gosse`s day today during the Internationales Radquer Steinmaur. After multiple times bad luck he managed to finished 9th.

After his first World Cup of the season in Bern Gosse stayed in Switzerland for another week. Today he started in the Internationales Radquer Steinmaur. Due to the recent rain and cold the track was very slippery. Gosse didn`t have a great start after he unclipped himself. During the first lap his chain also dropped off, so he lost even more time. During the next laps his chain fell off three times more and Gosse also crashed. Still he managed to finish in the top-10 as number 9.

“This wasn`t my day today. My chain fell of four times and I then there was a small crash. After these things I had no chance for a proper result. Still the legs felt very strong today. So it was really disappointing things turned out this way.  Hope the bad luck will stop for once and I can show some nice things in the near future”, Gosse reacted on his way back home.