[1/3] How a cement factory was closed down and turned into a mountainbike paradise:

We start this journey with a small introduction video:

Source: ENCI



The ENCI cement factory in Maastricht got closed in 2020 after years of making cement out of the limestone from the Saint Peters mountain in Maastricht it was time for a change.



Source: NOS

Source: NOS

Below here we can find a 3D model showing the current mountainbike route as an overlay on top of the first ”current height profile” of the Netherlands. This first height profile was made between 1997-2004.




Take a look at inside of the mountain, as limestone has been taken out to make cement.


Click here to see how the Saint Peter mountain has changed in time until 2012 as we take a look at the ”current height profile” number two.

This one has been created between 2007-2012.

Can you spot the difference?