New season, new clothing

#crossiscoming  is something that is already going around on social media for a while, but cross is coming indeed!

The cyclocross season 2019/2020 is almost there. Time to reveal the new kit! “For this cyclocross season I am happy to have Biehler as a partner who made this awesome kit possible. From design to production it is all done in Germany so that makes it even cooler that the kit is made in the country I live in. The design is complete new, but almost all the brand names stayed the same on the jersey. After two years of comfortable riding in the clothes made by the Italian company Rosti I switched to Biehler so therefore Biehler also took the spot on the Jersey that Rosti used to have. Two other logos are added to the kit and those are from Kali Protectives and Red Geographic.  Keep a close eye out when you see me riding if you can find them all on my kit!”, Gosse said about his new kit.

“At the moment the kit is not available for sale and there are also no plans yet to make this an option. If there is enough interest in riding in my kit we might do a pre-order session to make one batch. Let’s say that it is all quite limited edition! In case you are interested to ride in the same kit as I do, but you’re not as exited as I am to ride with all these brand names on a jersey you can order the exact same clothes as I have online in different designs and colors. So basically you ride in the same clothes as I do but then with a different design (and there will be a lot less time in between a possible pre-order and receiving the kit). Check out for more information.”

As you can read Gosse is really excited to ride in his new kit, but he also wants to know what you think about the new kit. “Let me know on Instagram what you think about the new kit! What is cool, what is not cool, what is missing, what should be added etc. Maybe I’ll take it in consideration. Keep on riding! (no matter what you wear).”

















Photos: © Robert Krügel