Are you between 10 and 14 years old, live in Europe (incl the UK) and do you love to race cross?




Let me explain it:


You can find the form over here: 


Some extra information:

We are almost always the last riders who have to race during the day but quite often we do some practice laps the day before the race and or early in the morning before we have to race later. These are the moments we see all of you giving it your best on the course during the youth races. This is how all of us also started racing, we love to be outside and are not afraid to get dirty and most of all we had a lot of fun on our bike!


As the season was getting on so was the weather getting colder and rain was coming more often. These are the days where some extra winter cycling clothing can make a big difference. Seeing kids at the start-line of their race in wet and dirty jackets from pre-riding made us start thinking on how we could help. Cyclo-cross is already an expensive sport and cycling clothes are not cheap, specially the winter clothing.


As contracted riders we are in a very grateful and unique position. This position also opens up the possibility for us to do something back for cyclo-cross, the sport that has given us so much and we like to do something back!

It is sad for us to see kids standing in cold, dirty and sometimes still wet clothes at a start-line if we have so much old clothes left at home. Often we are not allowed to wear the clothes anymore just because one little sponsor logo changed, sometimes one of us becomes a national or international champion or we sign a contract with an other team. 

To help young cyclo-cross riders we all went looking in our closets to look for cycling clothes we don’t use anymore. All these clothes are very high quality and most of it is all made for winter conditions. To give encourage young riders and help their parents to bring the costs down of competing in cyclo-cross races we decided to redistribute our old clothes to kids who race all over Europe!


At the moment there are more and more riders who are emptying their closets and donating clothes to the project so we can sent out more and more packages!


Currently there is clothing coming in from:

The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom and Denmark.



Below here you find a registration form where you can apply for a clothing package, out of all the applications we will select a number of kids who will receive a clothing package. As the amount of packages is still increasing we can’t say how many kids we will be able to help but it will be over 25 already! 

We don’t look at the results your getting or if you’re winning every race you’re attending we all started bike racing for the fun of it and the more smiles we see the bigger the chances will be you will receive a package! 



We are looking forward to all the applications!



From all riders who donated to the Kit for Cross Kids project!



You can find the form over here:



Some of the kids who race today will be the stars of the future, and those kids who race today might receive some clothes of the current stars!



(For parent(s) or legal representative(s).)

None of the applications will be shared with a 3th party or will be used for any commercial usage. All the applications will be collected, then we will look through them and decide who we will sent out a package and then we will try to get in touch. 


Shipping of the packages:

The costs of shipping of the packages should be provided by the receiver before we ship out the packages.

On average the shipping costs for the biggest part of Europe will be between 10-20 euro’s. Packages will be either way sent from the Netherlands or Germany.


Why do we ask for pictures and a licence?

We want to make sure that the clothes are really going to a young cyclist and not to a collector or anybody who applies for a package with the idea of reselling the clothes online. This is something we try to avoid and to make sure that our old clothing will end up at a good place and will be used where it is made for.