Gosse wins Cloppenburger Citycross Rennen

Friday evening Gosse went to Cloppenburg (Germany) for an other CX race.

It was the 5th edition of the ‘Cloppenburger Citycross Rennen’ this year. The race is a part of the Cloppenburger Stadsfest which means the city is one big party with live music every night and sportive activities during the day. 

The course in Cloppenburg was a little shorter then at normal races, a lap went over 3,5 – 4 minutes. The course used to go straight through the city centre and past some of the big tents with live music. Unfortunately this wasn’t allowed anymore this year so the race had to be helt within the city park.

Gosse wanted to test his legs after the missed start of his European CX season last Sunday. On Friday evening he didn`t make any mistake and rode flawless to the victory after 52 minutes and 54 seconds. Number 2 Yannick Gruner finished 1 minute and 31 seconds behind Gosse. A good win for the confidence!

”I decided to race in Cloppenburg because it was’t far away and it was a good option to get another race in the legs and test out some of my new materials. Because of the small laps and the high number of corners I wanted to get in the lead as soon as possible and then ride my own race. I was second rider in the field and could take the lead quite quick, after that I tried to ride all my own lines and ride steady but smooth. In the end my fastest lap was only 5 seconds faster then my slowest lap so my laptimes where really flat and the legs and lines where good! It was a good night out!”, Gosse said after the race.