Finally back racing (after quite a bumpy road)…

Finally back racing (after quite a bumpy road)…



Today I start in the Rally di Romagna, a 5-day mountainbike stagerace in the Emilia Romagna region in Italy. My season start has been suspended a few times due to races constantly being cancelled as a result of Covid-19.

In Italy a lot of racing was already starting again and it seems business as usual over here again. This will be my first race back after a turbulent CX season and a few months without racing bikes. The current shape is unknown but that will become clear on the first long climb today. The biggest differences will probably be made on monday so until then I have to stay focussed and be in the battery saving mode.


The initial plan was to arrive one week before the race in Italy to be able to pre-ride all the stages of the race but this plan all ended just before I entered the Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland. Over there I decided to get some extra fuel to make it through the tunnel, while getting some diesel I noticed that it started dripping below the camper at the front part.

Long story short… my radiator decided to stop working so it was time for a new one. This happened at a sunday evening and the parts only arrived on Tuesday and Wednesday. I got some awesome help from a local garage who ordered the parts for me but they didn’t had time to repair the camper straight away. Therefore they allowed me to do it myself at their garage and they offered me some quick hands when needed.

Eventually I arrived at the race on Wednesday evening, pre-riding the entire race wasn’t possible anymore but I was able to check some parts out.


After all hard work for my studies in the last few months, the training hours without a clear goal and two years without such mountainbike races I am stoked to be back in the circuit! 


I don’t know how it will go but for sure I am happy to have a race number again after a turbulent year!

Greetings Gosse


How it started….


Not a super bad place to be stranded.


Waiting for parts made some nice rides possible.


New radiator in, and saved myself quite some extra costs to pay Swiss wages to the mechanics…



Now it is time to fuel up the body for the race!