Jan and Jelle don’t discriminate.


Before you scroll down to my bikes I want to introduce the two persons who have made sure that no matter what bike I am riding it is always in top condition.

Jan and Jelle don’t discriminate, I am lucky to call myself a contracted rider for almost 7 years now. During those years there have been a lot of those ”new bike days” and every new bike that I was suppose to ride had first been through the hands of Jan and or Jelle before I clipped in and rode off with it. No matter the color, the brand, the parts or the discipline the bike has to be used for Jan will make sure the bike is getting perfectly built and Jelle makes sure they always stay in the best condition. 


And the coolest thing is, those two guys already help me out since I started bikeracing and got dropped in during the first laps of the race!


Who would have ever thought that they would built the bikes for me with which I won my first UCI races last year…


So before you scroll down to some in depth pictures of my 2020 cyclocross racing bikes, there are some pictures of the guys setting up these bikes and make them ready for a lot of races all over the world.



There is a huge amount of work that needs to be done before the first race of the season Jelle and Jan split the workload and they both have their own area of expertise.




A big project at the beginning of the season is the preparation of all the wheels. During the 2020 season I have a total of 12 sets of wheels on active duty which means that 24 tubulars need to be glued on to a rim. 


Those 12 sets of wheels are all Hunt carbon Tubular wheels and for the 2020 season I also have the new Hunt 30 Carbon CX disc tubular wheelsets. These are setup with ceramic coating to prevent them from wearing out. I tried to give as much feedback as possible to create these wheels and I am actually also a bit proud to see them in action with other riders. In the whole process I might have been a very little part but it still feels a bit like that. On the Hunt website they are called: ”OUR NO-COMPROMISE CYCLCOCROSS RACE WEAPONS”.


The wheelsets I use during this season are all set up with Challenge tubulars for the races and I have one set of trainingwheels which are set up with Paris-Roubaix tires in a 27mm version (run on Hunt  30 Carbon Gravel disc wheelset (tubeless)).

I use the S3 team edition on every set of wheels and all my tires are 33mm wide.

The 12 sets in total include:

4 sets of Grifos, 4 sets of Limus, 3 sets of Baby Limus,  and 1 sets of Chicanes.


The main reason I have 4 sets of Grifo’s is that you use them for the biggest part o f the season, and the reason I have 4 sets of Limus tires that most of the time you need the limus tires it will  also be carnage with deep mud. We’ve had that a few times this year so far and on those moment I was happy I had enough wheels around so that in case something happened with my materials I could still stay on the Limus tires when the situation asked for it. And besides all that, 12 sets of wheels may sound like a lot but since I am doing a big campaign in the UK this year for the National Series Trophy there where also two pairs of wheels staying at home in the Hunt warehouse for the entire campaign.




When I get a new bike I never ask for it to be shipped as a complete bike, I know it will be rebuilt as soon at it arrives so it actually saves time when all parts just come in a box. Most of my materials aren’t being sent directly to me but first go to the north of the Netherlands, there they will be built with surgical precision by Jan. He knows my bike set ups even better then I do myself, and I know I don’t have to think of anything. 

Below here you find some pictures of Jan finalizing my bikes and all the way down you find out some little fine tuning he did on my bike.

(All the way on the bottom of this page you see for what  Jan uses the heavy bench grinder while working on a full carbon bike.)

Find more about the connection of this piece of machinery while working on full carbon bikes on the bottom.





The frame is a 2020 Bombtrack Tension C.

The wheels are the Hunt 30 Carbon cx disc Tubular.

Bar, stem and seatpost are from the Ritchey WCS line.

Tires are the Challenge S3 team edition tubulars.

Saddle is the SelleSMP blaster in black.

Chains are from KMC and are the X11SL Ti-N Gold version.

The bike is finished off with a Sram Force CX1 groupset, set up with a 42T ring in the front and 11-32.

The wheels are fitted with 160mm disc rotors and the cranks with Shimano XTR pedals.



All bike pictures are shot in the Bombtrack bicylce studio by @ccycling.







But of course you guys all scrolled down so far to see what makes the difference between a normal bike mechanic and the hardened pro’s with years and years of experience! As Jan always says, never throw old parts away, you never know when they come in handy again.


Just like valve caps for example….


Who rides with valve caps anyway…


Well as you can see, I do!


Step one:

You sand of the top of a valve cap.

Step two:

You fiddle a zip tie around a cable, through the valve cap and around another cable.


Step three:

You try to find some extra hands to help fiddle the zip tie around because this is extremely hard to do with only two hands.


Step four:

You pull the zip tie tight and cut off the zip tie as short and smooth as possible.




And to finish it off I throw in another little fact:

I never have any clue about sizes and types of bottom brackets when it comes down to my bikes and Jan always knows exactly which bottom bracket goes in which bike. When you never have to worry about stuff like that I guess you will never learn it…



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