20 states, 20 races, 1.5kg extra body weight in a giant American roadtrip!

With 20 states on this trip and 6 on my first US racing trip the total is set to 26/50 states.


20 states, 20 races, 1.5kg extra body weight in a giant American roadtrip!

It was a big ride and a giant adventure. Travelling through 20 states to compete in 20 UCI races and only gaining 1.5kg after staying over two months in the US!
I am extremely grateful for the Jamfund team and specially Al Donahue and everyone involved in helping me out to race the American cyclocross season. All the host families who opened their house to me, all the travel companions who made the driving hours a lot of fun and all the people who stood in the techzone for me.
Flying in with two bikes, six pairs of wheels and no ticket back can be a jump into the unknown. From my mountain biking experience I knew that Americans are really welcoming and specially the cycling community! For sure I will come back to race in the US as I had a really nice time. 
The best way to get to know a country is to stay there for a while and don’t just visit the tourist spots. The only two non-cycling related things I wanted to do in the US was to go to an NBA game and to an NHL game! In the end I went to see the Indiana Pacers play in Indianapolis and the Celtics in Boston play basketball. Besides two NBA games I also got to see the Bruins play ice hockey in Boston!
Same racing stats:
20 UCI races, including 3 worldcups.
26th 26th and 24th in the worldcups.
Out of 17 UCI races my worst finish was a 12th place and the best was a first place!
16 top tens and made it to a 30th place on the worldranking as my highest ranking.
Have fun scrolling through the behind the scenes pictures a nice collection of racing pictures will follow later!
Greetings Gosse

The little in the middle is the famous Al Donahue, left we see Cheddar and right we see Markus. Most of the travelling has been with these guys involved.

Main view while being in the US.

For the block of worldcup racing and the last US CX series race I teamed up with the Canadians. Mike, Avery and (little) Lief have been promoted to my favourite Canadians out there. First thing I bought when I got to the supermarket at home was maple syrup….

The legendary Jamvan


When driving thousands of kilometers some dashboard lights start to turn on…


Just an American diner.


Quick photostop during a trainingride.


There has been some discussion about the best cola but it seemed I was the only one who was into Pepsi…
Until everyone else started to drink my Pepsis…. (@pepsi if you read this, please sponsor me during my next trip).

This is what American startmoney looks like as Stephen Hyde explained me. During the races spectators are holding dollars bills in the air which you can grab to increase the earnings of the weekend. I was lucky to grab 16 dollars in one go during one of the night races!

Getting ready for my first NBA game.

Selfie with an American bus.

As just a very few American could actually pronounce my name Gosse quickly got turned into Goose and I accepted my faith.

Just a selfie with a monstertruck that was for sale in Wisconsin. 

Little snack during one of the endless drives… (those American pickles are really different from European ones (don’t buy them)).

Me being happy during a nice long bikeride.

 Me being catfished at the BassProShop… 

Some famous American river.

Fully packed van.


Chipotle was often the go-to food while travelling.


Spending my hard earned US CX series 2nd place prize money on a cowboy hat! 

Wearing the hat anywhere possible. 

Quickly adjusting to the cowboy etiquette that you should never wear the hat in the car.


In the US they also have mud.

Some finisher high fives in Iowa!

Some TV time.

Different kind of podium setup.



The sun wasn’t always there…

That time you ride on the front because the races are on TV and there is always a camera on the start/finish straight. Making my sponsors proud.

Following my own path has brought me to beautiful places!


Really happy to win in Indianapolis!

Winning a race during the Halloween weekend means going out! Here you see the Goose with the Maverick (watch topgun to understand! 


I don’t want to get political over here but Trump his campaign starts off on a small note…


I was staying at the farm of the Parrot family in the small town of Chesterfield, home to this awesome, very cycling friendly, coffee bar!

The road into Chesterfield.

The last week I was in the US I took as a holiday, just some nice long bikerides when I wanted and went to Boston for two days of touristy things (read going to an NBA and NHL game)


Taking the subway with a burrito to see the Celtics play.


Seeing the Celtics play.

Boston hipsters.

An important Boston building… 

Shiny Boston tower.

Middle of the street Boston church.

George, the person on the one dollar bill.

Picture that had to be sent to my favourite Canadians.

Boston from far away.

Having a drink at the Bruins game!


Matching gatorade at a gasstation stop.

After this holy water was empty.

Visiting more states while training.

American supermarket

American cars.

Materials ready to be shipped home again.

In the plane back home.