Over 2400km for 14 UCI points.

Text and pictures: Gosse van der Meer                              Czech action shots: Filip Bezděk   ( IG: @pippoimages)      Austrian action shots: Ernst Teubenbacher



The views as we where driving eastwards through Germany.


Over 2400km for 14 UCI points.


My quest for UCI points has taken me to the Czech Republic and Austria last weekend. Unfortunately I have been swimming between place 50 and 60 on the ranking for the biggest part of the season so far. Every time you get closer to the top 50 more points are needed to move up a single spot in the ranking. That spot number 50 is the magic one because from that one upwards you are sure to be able to start in the worldcups. 

At the start of the weekend I was on the 58th place and with the worldcups in Namur and Zolder coming up I knew I had to  do everything I could to get as much points as possible. Even though if this meant leaving on Thursday evening the 5th of December to the Czech Republic and race there on Saturday, then drive straight from Czech Republic to Austria to race there on Sunday and then leave straight after the race on Sunday to get home somewhere during the Monday afternoon….


With a 6th place in Jabkenice (CZE) and a 7th place in Stadl-Paura  (AUT)  the results didn’t match the ambitions for this weekend and that made the drive back home feel forever… In total we drove over 2400km for 14 UCI points, fair to say I’ve made better investments in the past.


Despite me being grumpy from Sunday afternoon on we still had a lot of fun and we even had our own  ”Sinterklaas” evening in the camper!






The camper filled with food made by my mom, so we had some ”’Boerenkool” on Thursday evening.



Sinterklaas in Czech Republic

It turned out that Sinterklaas didn’t pass by the camper unnoticed and hid a special box in the back if it in my bed.


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It is always cool to see big numbers of kids racing early in the morning.


Logs always make the best barriers in my opinion.

On of the first cyclocross statutes I’ve seen so far in my career that has a permanent spot besides the course.


    In the end the race wasn’t more then a lot of corners around a soccer field and more corners around some threes that where standing besides it.

Camping out in a little field in a little town.



Faces of before, during and after the race.


My face before the race.


My face during the race.

My face after the race.



But not before I tried to spent all my Czech Crowns…


When you manage to get prize money in Czech Republic it will be payed in their own currency (quite logic) but to get the most in return for your crowns I always try to spent them straight away on stuff I do actually need. Most of the time this is fuel and then we buy good beers in the gas station from all the money that is left (the season will also be over at a certain point). For my 6th place during the race I got 1800 crowns which sound like a lot of money but converted to euro’s it turned out to be 70 euro’s. We then calculated the fuel we had left and the kilometers we still had to drive in Czech Republic, when we reached the calculated gas station Jelle could fill up the camper to almost exactly 1800 crowns and I could pay it all in cash and the camper was topped off with fuel again.



Unfortunately these weren’t euro’s…


PART TWO: Stadl-Paura in Austria.


We left straight after the race on Saturday and arrived at the next race just passed 22:00 in the evening. 


The finish line of the race was inside at a horse riding stadium.


The course builder tried to get as much meters possible inside this horse riding stadium.

When you’re new to cyclocross and nobody told you there would be mud….


Jelle also has to pre-walk his part of the course.

Unfortunately Jelle missed the start of the race of his age group.


The start lap was on a horse track.

Enough corners had to be taken again.





PART THREE: going home again.

  As Jelle keeps the camper rolling I am in the back getting the photo’s ready from the weekend.



At the moment it is just passed 12:00 on the Monday afternoon and I am finishing up the website.


I hope you enjoyed again!


Next stop will be the last race of the National Series Trophy in York next week and after that I have to wait and see what my options are considering the UCI ranking.





Gosse  (and Jelle).


It doesn’t matter  how the booth looks like as long as it sells beer (even though it is still around 9:30 in the morning).


And professional cyclocross racing on a budget doesn’t always involve heated toilet seats…