42nd in Whiskey Off-road

After the ‘warm-up’ in the fat tire criterium of last week, it was the real deal on Sunday with the Whiskey Off-road.

Gosse experienced a new adventure at the Sunday`s 48-mile backcountry race at the Whiskey Off-road. “After the start I was in the front of the peloton and could start the first climb there. I noticed immediately that my heart rate was going up really quick. My earlier experiences at altitude thought me that it wasn`t coming down easily, so I had to slow down a little and lost some positions. After a technical descent there was another climb of 45 – 60 minutes. Normally that is the point where I could make up some time, but this time I had ride with my head and don`t rush myself as I would blow myself up completely”, Gosse told after the race.

In the final hour Gosse reeled in some riders in front of him on the single tracks. “At the last hill I got some cramps and had to stop. When it was gone I descended to the finish, really exhausted after this hard race. Seen the circumstances I rode a good race in a strong field with the best bikers. It was a  great experience and I am satisfied.”

The race was won by Keegan Swenson in front of Russell Finsterwald and Georwill Perez Roman. Gosse ended in 42nd place.